Style your entrance to stay checklist

There’s a bit to do here so here is an easy checklist to help you get started – We can assure you, the time you spend here will be time well spent.

Neat Clean and Cared for entrance

  • Clean your gate and make sure it’s working well
  • Clean roofing, gutters, windows and balustrades
  • Remove any cobwebs from outside your home
  • Sweep driveways, paths and stairs
  • Weed, remove dead plants and pick up the kids toys

Check your outside lights are working and your house number is visible. We buy houses in Mauldin

Add some structure to your garden

  • Add a focal point – a sculpture, birdbath etc
  • An evergreen hedge will help add structure
  • Add flowering plants for colour and texture
  • Mix up the plants heights for interest

Add a pathway to your front door

Consider improving privacy by adding a low wall or fence at the front of your home

Spruce up the front door

  • Invest in a new front door mat
  • Paint the door and surrounding structure
  • Clean or replace handles
  • Add plants on either side of the front door
  • Add some personality outside the door – like a bench, hat stand or old box for shoes

If your home is old – add a plaque with a bit about its history

You your own lead generation system.

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